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The story of Samson and Delilah…does it ring a bell? Allow me to quote from the Bible.
"And she made him sleep on her knees; and she called for a man, and she caused him to shave off the seven locks of his head . . . and his strength went from him." (Judges 16:19)

At one time war broke between Luo and Kipsigis tribes; Lwanda - which means the rock - killed very many people during this war. After peace was negotiated Lwanda was given a woman from the kipsigis tribe whom he married. This woman learned and knew the secret of Lwanda’s life (His shadow was his true self). One day when Lwanda fell sick the woman was told by Lwanda to treat his own shadow. The war broke out again and the woman went back to tell her people the secret of Lwanda. On the day he died he killed so many people before they finally tried what their daughter had told them, finally one of the warriors took his spear and threw it at the shadow of Lwanda who fell down and died but not before killing the person who had pierced him. He turned into a stone, which can still be seen today.

These two stories, one about the Biblical Samson and the other about the Luo’s Lwanda Magere brings me to the recent traditionally staged pre-wedding between Raila’s son Fidel and a Kikuyu Lady (I don’t recall her name).

Over the years since Kenya’s pre-independence the Odinga family has commanded unrivaled hold on the Luo Politics and by extension Kenyan politics. Known are the MPs whose election to the parliament took simple gestures as greetings from the Late Oginga. Raila took the mantle from his father in the same gusto, even surpassing the achievements of his own mentor. The magical strength that the Odinga family commands within the Kenyan politics more so the Luo Nyanza is comparable to none. There have been relayed efforts by Presidents of this country in trying to contain the aura that these two politicians enjoy to the extent of detentions, although they come out even stronger than before.
The story of and the strength of the Odinga Family can easily be comparable to the strength of Samson of the Samson-Delilah bible story and Lwanda Magere. That is why it sends jitters and raised eyebrows when Raila’s son, heir to the Odinga throne intermarries with a tribe that has over the years been perceived to be the enemy of the Luo. Was there a meeting of council of elders as it was during the Palestine’s or the Kipsigis? Is it a marriage engineered to discover the secret to the Odingas and eventually use that secret to finally get rid of their stake in the national politics?

As one reggae artist, Mighty Diamond, once sang, “When you fall in love be a conscious man”, did Fidel Odinga and the larger Odinga family hid these words? The Luo council of elders led by Riaga Omollo…did you look into this marriage? It might be argued that this is modern Kenya and such notions do not hold, I beg to differ. The hatred that the Kikuyus have for the Luo has always been on the rise regardless of generational change in the modern day Kenya. Most of the Politicians that control the GEMA politics are the old people who have over the years spent enormous amount of time in sidelining the Odinga family and at large the Luo Community.
Raila’s daughter married Abanyore recently, but in this occasion there was little or no time for the traditional rites that were seen during FIDEL-KIKUYU marriage. What was the significance of all this? Was it a replica of Lwanda Magere-Kipsigis marriage? It is important that we know where we are coming from for us to know where we are going. Is history repeating itself?
The question that is begging right now is whether the awe of the Odinga family will continue beyond Raila. Of the Raila’s Children, it is known that only Fidel has shown political ambitions. Is it a well-orchestrated plot to contain him with a Kiambu woman in his probable course to succeed his father? Time will tell. It is okay to make a mistake but it isn’t okay to ignore a mistake. The Odinga family should reexamine the marriage and take a retreat. The best time would be after these coming elections.

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    Your comments are ridiculous.You are implying that Fidel's head does not work and so he was lured by a delilah whose name you can't deign to remember.You seem to forget that Luos and Kikuyus worked well before independence.(Remember the famous hug between Tom Mboya and Kibaki at independence?)The Kikuyu-Luo animosity was started by politicians later.I rest my case.

    you know, the secret to ending poverty is smart working. Thats why chutis are among the richest people in Kenya even though they dont even have kanjuras at city hall.

    Here you are with a powerful tool called the internet and all you can do all day long is to post infantile rubbish; then you whine ati you are poor because of kikuyus? Moi literaly gave kales the country for a whooping 24 years. where are they now? arent't they up there, akina ruto, still whinging about kikuyus? failure is a mind thing. RAila wont change that even if he became the UN sec gen.

    Raila wont be the first kikuyu hating presi to come to power; Moi did and we not only out lived him we actually prospered while fools like you whithered. Ditto Raila and all the other fools who will come to power with a grudge aganist us. for hate and envy belong to satan and satan at the end must be defeated together with all the powers of darkness.

    get a job my friend and earn money. stop blaming your pathetic life on people who are busy trying to better theirs

    Hi, dude you need to get into the 21st century mind set.

    This tribal politics must come to an end for us to prosper.

    One Kenya,One People

    you are very proud that kiuks have prospered during hatred regime of Moi,remember through stealing, land grabbing and scandals.that is just but a tribe.what if all 40 tribes will ascend in power and prove their superior intelligence that defeated Moi?we told you that only Luo,s Hates Kiuks?you lack what to talk about Ruto is better than 10 Kibakis to come

    he is a great guy leave him alone. he showed courage by marrying from the devil tribe kikuyu

    A very sad post! Why do some kenyans continue wallowing in the miasma of deceipt and ignorance. Any kenyan is free to marry wherever they want. You need an education.

    Stop that any person has a right to mary and devorce any unruly woman from any tribe.we now have new constituion where we shall share national cake equaly but as an individual you must be innovative for you to thrive.

    It has all come to pass, there is a call for divorce. But they looked so happy together.

    Hi there. Fidel married Veronica, and like Fidel, she has a NAME and her own Personality. I see you calling this union a Fidel-Kikuyu thing, as if she represents the Kikuyu's - You are the kind who see Katana as Giriamas, Ruto as Kalenjins, Musyoka as Kambas but when it came to Fidel, it was Fidel while Veronica was "Kikuyu" - You are outright tribal.

    Stupid stupid stupid!!!!!!

    You are so stupid that your perfect english cannot save us from noticing your ignorant cocooned mindset...Did you take an oath or something...Fidel is just a spoilt brat and nothing like his comparing him to Samson and Lwanda is blasphem to this heros that were in their time. You need to style up...dont waste your brains with the stupid believe that the Odingas will be your should listen to us your funs who dare to waste our time and read your nonsense..cause i can assure you the odingas feel nothing towards your praise...they dont even know you exist...I will let you in a little secret the kikuyus dont worship individuals and especially politicians...and if fidel fell for Veronicah its cause she was smoking haaat...she comes from the njonjo family..and shock on you njonjo and Rao are in they are confidants so you just need to style up and make your life better...HOPE YOU HEARD....

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