Osa Vinya Mukamba

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Imagine 1365 delegates out of the 4200 that kalonzo gathered didnt think he is gud enough. That is roughly 32.5%. This is shameful considering that the other contender was a non-starter in politics.We will keep monitoring the moves of this martket's mad man...Musyoka

Marriage Vs Prostitution

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Right, well I know how much fury this will cause in many women especially my new admirer Emma, but what the hey, let's talk about a delicate topic and see what happens.

I was listening to some colleagues at the other day at work. They were discussing their marriages; one was married, the other was getting married. They were discussing cost, mainly.

All this got me thinking. Women are expensive creatures to keep.

Even women that have decent paying jobs (or families) can often be just as much a drain on your financial resources as a poor one. The reason for this being that all women like doing stuff. "Let's go for lunch in a pub in town" is a fine example. I have no problems with this, but when you eat out a lot, the cost does mount up. This seems a bit unfair to be making these claims, but I talk from experience.

So I wonder, would it be cheaper, over the course of a lifetime, to have a wife, or pay for prostitute? I'm making my mind up as I go along, as I haven't come to a decision. All the thinking about this is happening ad lib.

A wife has certain requirements. Here is a list of things that cost money, which they ALL seem to do:

• Need new hair, new neighbourhood, new phone, new car . Generally the pattern goes: things that add no value , the new, new, new and new eventually kills the marriage
• Need things. Things for the house, things for the garden. Things that hold no purpose, except to chisel your home into the type of place you only see in magazines. I know one man whose wife suddenly bought some live chickens and a little house for them, completely out of the blue. Just goes to show you never know what they might NEED.
• Want children. I'm gonna write a post some time on how the world's going mad from overpopulation. For now, the relevance for children is that they are bloody expensive, and a hell of a lot of work. You pay for them for over a fifth of their life, and usually more, unless you were an outstanding child like me, and got the fuck out before you were 17
• Desire clothes, shoes, presents, etc. They have birthdays, valentines, and plenty of other consumer whore days. If you have kids, there's more still. I know I've only scratched the surface as far as costs are concerned, but I think this is enough to make my case for my gut reaction of prostitution being cheaper in the long run.

I would estimate that as your married life becomes exponentially more expensive, most of your income would go towards keeping this 2.4 family unit happy. Primarily the wife, because if she isn't happy, then nobody is. For most people I work with, I would say that that is in excess of 600k per year. Some of my colleagues in my team earn around the mark of 600K per year, and I know that they don't get as much cash to themselves as I do, and I earn less than they do, an amount nowhere near in proportion when you consider how little money they have to spend compared to me on my lower salary. If I earned what they do, I'd would probably have at least twice as much money, maybe three times the amount at my disposal than they do, due to, in essence, their wives.

Now let's say the average decent quality hooker in the KENYA costs500 per shag. For 150k a year, you could have sex 300 times. And that's not counting the fact that she'd probably give you a discount for that much business. You could have sex nearly every day for less than it costs to have a family. Now there might be the odd day you don't want sex, and so, you gain more money.

If you found one like this, you would be even better off!

Let's say the average married couples have sex 4 times a week. Now that's generous, and doesn't count the fact that once you stay with someone for a long enough period of time, the sex dries up. Over the course of a married lifetime the average amount of sex per week is probably only about once, and I reckon that's generous, given the number of people who seem to complain they're not getting it enough.
Anyway, for 4 times a week at 500 a go, that's still only 20k. You're getting more sex than the average married man, and you're more than seven and a half grand richer.

Now if you has a successful career, and you're busy a lot of the week with lots of activities that you enjoy doing, then it might be better off just having a hooker at the weekend and on special occasions. You could have a regular posh and pretty escort girl to accompany you Saturday evening, have a great getting drunk and Banjukaing in nightclubs, soaking up the envy of other men, especially the 'happily' married ones, and then back to your swanky bachelor pad for a night of explosive porno sex.

I have no idea how much a night like this would cost (honest!), but I bet it would be cheaper than the lifetime of debt, marriage and children. Hell if you wanted really high class, you could just do it every other week and on special occasions or work night outs. If you had a regular high class call girl, nobody would need to know she wasn't your other half, except of course your close friends.

Another advantage would be if you became bored with your regular girl, or you weren't really getting along too well, you could just change her. Sure, she may have given you a discount, but she would always cry after sex, and it was really disconcerting. Sorry, ahem, back to topic.

It would seem to me so far at this point that life would be not only cheaper, but easier too, when you consider all the complex emotional stuff that comes with marriage.

Come on Girls, admit it. You'd do this given half the chance wouldn't you?

Kenya 'ireda' Raila

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I had this conversation this morning with a political friend of mine...check out how it went....

[10:52:41 AM] Illusions says: Kenya "ireda" Raila
[10:56:47 AM] Anita says: hahaha
[10:56:55 AM] Anita says: na vile tulimfukuza huko nyeri
[10:57:19 AM] Illusions says: those r primitive pple with little tolerance for democracy
[10:58:07 AM] Anita says: i'd say they r pple who nu what they want... n its defn not RAILA
[10:58:56 AM] Illusions says: mathira yesterday manifested the true picture in central
[10:59:38 AM] Illusions says: other than the elite...the common kenyan kyuk has nothing to celebrate abt Kibs presidency other than a share of the mother tongue
[11:00:21 AM] Illusions says: they came out in numbers to usher in the new dawn in kenyan politics where regardless of tribe, reason can still prevail
[11:01:29 AM] Illusions says: the behavior of Wera was unfortunate and can not be used to gauge the overall feeling of Kenyans in the mt-Kenya Region
[11:01:53 AM] Anita says: why r U suddenly preaching
[11:02:55 AM] Illusions says: when tribalism takes root.....it calls for stringent measures.....preaching might just be one of them
[11:03:48 AM] Anita says: Ur just upset coz it was Raila who was chased... maybe if it were Kalonzo u'd b comfortable
[11:04:49 AM] Illusions says: the unfortunate thing is than one presidential candidate was chased, whoever it is can never be an issue to me
[11:05:27 AM] Illusions says: the fact that she could not tolerate an opposing view is retrogressive in modern Kenya
[11:06:16 AM] Anita says: who couldnt
[11:07:16 AM] Illusions says: did u see the reception raila got in mathira
[11:07:30 AM] Illusions says: now those r the real voters
[11:08:05 AM] Anita says: lol
[11:08:22 AM] Anita says: sounds like u have personal feelings attached to this dude
[11:08:40 AM] Anita says: ukichezez Raila unachezea Jaro
[11:09:04 AM] Illusions says: what do u mean
[11:09:10 AM] Anita says: apart frm that ua mning seems vibrant...
[11:09:15 AM] Anita says: what r u upto
[11:09:48 AM] Illusions says: i dint get those two statements up there
[11:10:09 AM] Anita says: [11:10:59 AM] Anita says: ukichezez Raila unachezea Jaro
[11:10:35 AM] Anita says: u always get so personal when it comes to him
[11:10:46 AM] Anita says: whats with him nyway
[11:10:49 AM] Illusions says: i don’t get personal..
[11:11:04 AM] Illusions says: It’s not Raila...it’s the course
[11:11:48 AM] Illusions says: its what i want for this country..I wish it were another person so i can be vindicatted...but its jus Raila
[11:12:05 AM] Anita says: ok
[11:12:54 AM] Illusions says: put Uhuru where Raila is and I wud be so angry if he is chased out of JaUgenya Beach Resort
[11:13:14 AM] Anita says: lol don worry.... its Luo republic Vs Kenyan Republic after all remember

Sexual Jealousy

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If we could find a cure for sexual jealousy - perhaps a drug - what would we not be capable of? We would certainly have to rethink our ideas about progress.

Just a Thought

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There is this common notion of “intelligence” as a largely inherited talent that can be assessed in one hour interview. Do you know your Intelligence Quotient (IQ)? I don’t.
In fact, I’m terrified by IQ tests.
You see, those tests may well find out that I’m an idiot, or at least, that I’m not that sharp.
No thanks, in this case I’d rather be a smart coward and influence my destiny in complete ignorance. After all, I can still be “imperfect” and yet make a difference in this world.
Edward de Bono, one of the leading business creativity experts, likes to describe intelligence as the horsepower of a car, our potential. The skill of thinking is then the skill of the driver. A poor driver on a powerful car can still be outperformed by a skilled driver on a humble car.
We may not all have the same IQ, but we can certainly learn to become skilled thinkers.
If I could only remember where I left my car keys
The irony is that highly intelligent people may fall in what Edward calls the intelligence trap: for example, they may be unwilling to take risks for fear of not being right all the time. Or they may be so good at supporting and “sell” their own point of view that they may never find a need for seeking potentially better alternatives. Ouch!
As the French philosopher Alain (Émile Chartier) once said:
“ Nothing is more dangerous than an idea when it’s the only one you have.”

Ksh. 1Billion Luncheon: Who is Invited?

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President Kibaki’s campaign team is planning a high profile lunch next month to raise Sh1 billion to finance his re-election bid.
In a move reminiscent of retired President Daniel arap Moi’s strategy of yester-year, the planned lunch will cost Sh1 million per plate. It mainly targets business tycoons and politicians supportive of President Kibaki.I went the extra mile and got the list for you people.

1. Philip Ndegwa Family
2. Manu Chandaria
3. Simeon Nyachea
4. Anoop Vohra
5. Kentan Somaia
6. 'Sir' Charles Njonjo:
7. Chris Kirubi :
8. Chief Samuel Koriata
9. Duncan Ndegwa [Unga Group, Rea
10. Stanley 'Don King' Githunguri
11. Gethere Wa Mbugwa Family
12. Da Gama Rose
13. Laxmanbhai Raghvani
14. Naushad Merali :
15. The Ramji Shah & Jadavji Rughani
16. Wilfred Murungi (Mastermind Tobacco)
17. John Michuki
18. Mike Maina (Arch Marble N Pelican Paints)
19. Adbul Jaffer
20. Mohamed Zubedi
21. Jimmah Mbaru
22. Sk Macharia
23. Lalit Pandit
24. Nicholas Biwott
25. Hayer Bishan Singh
26. Baba Moi & Sons
27. Tahir Said Sheik
28. Hosea Kiplagat
29. Mulji Devaj Brothers
30. Ephraim Maina (Kirinyaga Construction Ltd)
31. HJ Paunrana Family (Athi River Mining Company)
32. Mohamed Said Bawazir
33. Nginyo Kariuki (Nginyo Towers, Hotel)
34. Maganlal Chandaria [Not Related To Manu] : Comcraft Ind. And Madhupaper.
35. Jerad Kagwana [The Mall, Communication Centre]
36. Munish Shah [Village Market/ Kingsway Motors/ Car Tires/ Charterhouse Bank]
37. Karanja Kabage [Insurance/ KBS]
38. Haban Singh
39. Philip Wahome
40. Terry Childs (Brookside Schools)
41. Micheal Somen Of Hutching Biemer.
42. Udi Gechaga [Masharik Motors]
43. Shaukat Noorani [Glory Hotels, Driving Sch. Etc]
44. SS Metha (Construction Tycoon)
45. Nemubhai Shah [Nakumatt Supermakets]
46. Pius Ngugi [Amazon Motors'vovlo',Norwich Union Bldg., Stedler Pencile Kenya, Kenya Nuts Company, Thika Coffe Mills,]
47. Wilson Kipkoti [Prudencial Bank, Standard Assurance Co.,Hotel Sirikwa]
48. Ruben Block (Block Family)
49. Chief Lerionka Ole Ntutu
50. David Bowen (Kenya Charity Sweepstake)
51. Matu Wamae
52. John Kariuki N His Brother James Kanyotu
53. Ma Bayusuf
54. Lord Cole (Africa Air Rescue)
55. Salim Alibhai (Salodin Paints, Silentnight & Kenya Orchards)
56. Davidson Kuguru (Kuguru Food Company)
57. Martin Dunford [Carni/ Termarid Group]
58. Samuel Gichuru
59. Harbinder Seti
60. D*Cky Evans (Homegrown)
61. Vora Family (Sarova Hotels)
62. Sunil Behal
63. Edwin Yinda [Hardrock Cafes/ Shipping Magnet/ Insurance]
64. Gideon Toroitich (Moi's Nephew Agricultural Finance Corporation)
65. Humphrey Kariuki [Hotel Diplomat/Green Corner/ Property]
66. Abdul Karium Popat [Simba Colt Motors/ Imperial Bank/ 20th. Century]
67. Kibathi Family (Sagret Hotels)
68. Kenneth Matiba
69. John Harun Mwau
70. Njenga Karume:
71. The Kunyiha Family {Coopers Kenya Ltd.]
72. Julius Gechau (Interest In DT Dobie, Hillcrest Group Of Schs.)
73. PK Jani ( CFC Bank & Heritage Insurance)
74. Joshua Kulie (Moi's Business Manager)
75. Kimani Wa Mbagi (Kenyatta's Business Manager)
76. The Kantari Family (Prime Bank)
77. The Shah Family (I&M Bank)
78. GK Kirima (Property, Half Of Riva Rolly)
79. Joe Wanjui
80. Samuel Gichuru ( KBS, Chaka Place,
81. Eric Kotut (Goldenberg Money)
82. Chamanlal Kamanis: (Kamson Body Builders & Anglo Licensing)
83. George Saitoti
84. Raphael Tuju
85. Abraham Ambwere
86. Lloyd Masika
87. Walter Mukuria
88. Humprey Kariuki (Green Corner)
89. Eluid Mahihu
90. Njoroge Muigai
91. Bethwel Gechaga
92. Stanley Murage
93. Mama Mitumba (Njeri Wa Macharia)
94. Philip Wahome
95. Fred Waiganjo Family
96. Paul Ndarua
97. Viscount Kimathi
98. 'Mohamed' Kariuki
99. Francis Thuo
100. Ngenye Kariuki
101. Gathecha (Architect)
102. Muiruri Laban (Property)
103. Davidson Ngini
104. Mike Maina (Marble Arch Hotel/ Pelican Paints)
105. Kuria Wa Kanyingi
106. John Gachui
107. Stanley Livondo
108. Njirii Wa Karago
109. Koinange Family
110. Joel Nyasame
111. Edwin Yinda
112. Stephen Kungu
113. Tahir Sheike Said
114. Mbugwa Wa Gethere Family
115. Kibathi Family (Sagret Hotels)
116. Stephen Kungu (Kunste)
117. The Kyuk Family Owner Of Nairobi Homes
118. Eddy Njoroge
119. Famed Businessman Joe Mugambi
120. Macharia Merera (Matco)
121. Pg Muriithi
122. Eratus Muriithi
123. Isaiah Mathenge
124. Kinuthia Wa Makumi (Lavington Shopping Centre)
125. Goldfinger
126. Evelyn Muigai (Eveyn College)
127. Eunice Mathu
128. Kiarie Wa Njoki
129. Kuria Wa Gathoni
130. FT Nyammo (Pan African Insurance, Kenya School Of Profesional Studies)
131. Ngenye Family That Own The Muthaiga Shopping Centre
132. Gatehi Wa Kanyi (Late)
133. Samson Macharia
134. Samuel Githegi
135. JP(JPN Properties USA)
136. Bob Gachehe
137. Julius Memano
138. Manga Mugwe
139. Mwangi Coffee
140. Issac Githuthu
141. Kanyanja (Mbuni Drycleaners)
142. Peter Kanyago
143. P.N Mashru
144. Buyufus Brothers
145. Mary Okelo Awori Family